The Big Question in Computer organization

How does a computer actually work? You know, like, really?

Description and resources for Computer organization

How does a computer really work? How does a central processing unit, primary and secondary memory and peripherals like a keyboard, monitor and mouse all come together to make a computer that we all use every day?

Big questions include:

  1. What is a CPU?
  2. What is primary memory?
  3. What is a bit?
  4. What is binary?
  5. How do computers represent data?
  6. Our CPU's work at millions of cycles per second. What happens in one cycle?
  7. What rules govern the logic of a computer?

This is the essence of computer science: understanding the fundamental constructions of these machines.

Transfer goals

You should be able to understand how data is stored in memory. You should be able to build an application to perform primative image recognition and manipulation. You should be able to analyze resource limitations in a system and understand how a processes is using system resources. 

Daily notes with the topic Computer organization

Notes for current academic year (2024 - 2025).

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