Solving Complex Problems Through Programming

Monday 7 June 2021 - Block 5, Room C152
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Daily Note

Our plan for the day

  1. We will start with your section D: 
    1. Please prepare answers for the following questions:
      1. For your second design project, what did you hope to accomplish?
      2. For your second design project, what did you accomplish?
      3. For your second design project, what did you learn about yourself?

  2. Today we will spend some time thinking about our learning this year. You will think-pair-share three questions: 
    1. What should Mr. MacKenty continue doing?
    2. What should Mr. MacKenty stop doing?
    3. What should Mr. MacKenty start doing?
  3. I am also interested in your feedback about the systems we used. 
    1. To what extent did the daily notes help you?
    2. To what extent did the the help system help you
    3. To what extent did moodle help you?
  4. I'm finally interested in any advice, ideas or thoughts about your learning this year. 



Our Big idea

The big idea for today is Course orientation.

The essential questions for this topic are:

What do I need to know, understand and do to be prepared for this class?

It takes time to explore and really understand a big idea. If you want to
learn more about course orientation (which is connected to today's daily note), please click here .

We are learning this because as a designers must understand scientific and technical innovation. Designers use systems, models, methods, and processes to solve problems.

Reminders & routines:


  1. IF today ==  testing_day_for_me:
         remember to go get tested!

    IF today == first_class_of_day:

    IF today == Friday:

If you want to meet with me: 

  1. I am free blocks 2,6 and 8
  2. Send an email to make an appointment
  3. Don't ask me in person to make an appointment.  Always send an email
  4. Ask me a question on our discussion forum
  5. I need to buy more candy.