Solving Complex Problems Through Programming

Friday 19 August 2022 - Block 5, Room C152
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Daily Note

  1. Welcome!
  2. We will take attendance
  3. I will start record your learning goals (learning is growth from where you are to where you want to go)
  4. We will review our syllabus
  5. We will review the major topics in our course
  6. I will remind a few students to register for google classroom
  7. We will register for our online help system, which you will use later this year
  8. We will spend some time setting up tools, bookmarking sites, and following the instuctions in our getting started page
  9. Bookmark the following sites:

      1. Please also bookmark the daily notes for your course, which you can find in the link above.
  10. Please setup visual studio code
  11. We will learn about visual studio code:
  12. We will go on a tour of the user interface

    VS Code comes with a simple and intuitive layout that maximizes the space provided for the editor while leaving ample room to browse and access the full context of your folder or project. The UI is divided into five areas:
    1. Editor - The main area to edit your files. You can open as many editors as you like side by side vertically and horizontally.
    2. Side Bar - Contains different views like the Explorer to assist you while working on your project.
    3. Status Bar - Information about the opened project and the files you edit.
    4. Activity Bar - Located on the far left-hand side, this lets you switch between views and gives you additional context-specific indicators, like the number of outgoing changes when Git is enabled.
    5. Panels - You can display different panels below the editor region for output or debug information, errors and warnings, or an integrated terminal. Panel can also be moved to the right for more vertical space.
  13. We will install some extensions:
    1. Python by Microsoft
    2. Highlight Matching Tag by vincaslt
  14. We will start hacking through a python file.


Our Big idea

The big idea for today is Course orientation.

The essential questions for this topic are:

What do I need to know, understand and do to be prepared for this class?

It takes time to explore and really understand a big idea. If you want to
learn more about course orientation (which is connected to today's daily note), please click here .

We are learning this because as a designers must understand scientific and technical innovation. Designers use systems, models, methods, and processes to solve problems.

Reminders & routines:

IF (this_block == first_block_day) {

IF (today == Friday) {

As I am taking attendance:

  1. Please check now: is visual studio code working from my programming folder?